What to Expect

We know it can be a little overwhelming coming to visit us at Fitzgeralds the first couple of times, so here's some info on what to expect when working with us!

Manage thy colour

Unless requested, we do not correct your files. The majority of our clients do post-production on their images, so we have no way of knowing if that's what it is intended to look like. Please make sure you request corrections if needed, we don't want you to end up disappointed.

Our machines, printers and screens are all strictly calibrated to professional standards because we know how important correct colour representation is to you. If your monitor is not calibrated, we recommend our calibration service - this will make sure your colours match ours.

More info

Let's customise

We strive for perfection and we do our best to accommodate our customers requests, but it's just human nature for us to make small mistakes from time to time. Almost every job is checked and reviewed by at least four people, but we are not mind readers so please provide clear written instructions whenever possible.

Keep it safe

With products like facemount acrylic, ice blocks, ali mounts, matboards and frames we recommend you are just a tiny bit aware of safety margins. We always suggest not placing anything super important; like fingers, toes, heads or text closer than 5mm to the edge of all sides.

It is the nature of these products for you to lose a couple of millimeters, so we really just want you to be aware of this little fact so you can build it into your work-flow when prepping finishing files for Fitzies!

Our turn around times

Here at Fitzies we aim to get our products to you on time. At the end of the day, we really don't want to give you something that hasn't passed our vigilant inspections. Sometimes this can mean an entire re-do, other times it's just needs an extra long polish. So please be patient, understand that we have you and your clients best interests in mind.