Photo Restoration

Something we particularly enjoy is photo restoration. Why? Because when we restore a photo, we're snatching a fading memory and making it new again. We're not just restoring photographs, we're saving family histories, revitalising precious keepsakes and rejuvenating old memories.

Resurrecting Old Photos

Fitzgerald Photo Imaging offers professional photo restoration services in Perth all preformed on the premises.

Our highly skilled and experienced technicians carefully scan and digitally retouch your old prints making them look new again.

We are passionate about bringing photographs back to life and we can work from the prints themselves or film negatives. You'll be surprised how much we can do to refurbish even badly damaged images.

Photo Restoration

Preserving & Archiving Your Memories

As the custom of sharing digital images becomes commonplace, more and more people are looking at their old and antique photos and wishing they could share them, too.

Talk to us today about any photographs or images you would like to have restored.

Check out some recent photo restorations in this video below and imagine the possibilities for your photos.

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