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Fitzgerald Photo Imaging offers a complete line of custom picture framing options right here in our Perth showroom. Available in a wide range of styles and colours, out matboards and picture frames are carefully hand made in our workshop to add a professional finish to any photograph or print.

In-House Consultants

Sometimes the hardest part can be envisioning the best frame or matboard for your print. Our staff are experts at helping you select the most complementary combination for your framing project. We see hundreds of thousands of images every year and have great ideas on how best to present them for your home, office, or exhibition space.

Photo Framing in Perth for Every Taste

We have a long history in helping our clients create traditional designs for their portraits and landscapes. If you would like something with a modern flair, you can also check out our acrylic facemounts and ice block desktop products.

Frame Collections

We have a bedroom, a chair space, living room, dining room, fireplace, kitchen and nursery to choose from. So you can see how big your framed images will look within a room, and what images go together as a collection. Just ask our friendly customer service staff to whip up an example and you will be surprised with your images hanging in a space together, looking amazing of course!

Our Online Framing Ordering

New! 2022 Standard Box Frames

Our Standard Box Frames are now available in a range of sizes up to 30x45" including the popular A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 options. These on-trend frames are 20mm wide and 30mm deep and are designed to be borderless. Various paper, glazing and colour options are also available.

Deep set frames
Deep set frames 2
Deep set frames 3
Deep set frames 3
Deep set frames 4
Deep set frames 5
Deep set frames 6
Deep set frames 7
Deep set frames 8
Deep set frames 9

Deep Set Frames

A contemporary frame collection exclusive to Fitzgeralds, these frames add depth to your walls with the premium art print, matboard and glass set back approximately 25mm. Colours available online for easy ordering: Black, White, Cappuccino (Natural), and Chocolate. Other colours available in store.

Renaissance Frames

Our newest range of frames are designed to sit beautifully on a table top or sideboard. Supplied complete with a carefully hand-torn art print, these are available in either Ornate Gold, Ornate White, Portofino Black or Portofino White finishes. Image sizes available are 5x5"/13x13cm or 5x7"/13x18cm.

Renaissance Frames
Renaissance square frame 4
Renaissance square frame 1
Renaissance square frame 7
Standard Frames
Standard frame 1
Standard frame 2
Standard frame 3
Standard frame 1
Standard frame 5

Standard Frames

For a no fuss simple frame do not underestimate the standard collection- it is sharp! Available in White, Black, Jarrah, Mocha, Silver and Beech. This frame is 30mm wide x 20mm deep.

Classic Frames

Our classic frames are simple and elegant perfect for all occasions. Available in White, Mocha, Black, Gold, Jarrah, Silver. This frame is 38mm wide x 20mm deep.

Classic Frames
Classic frame 2
Classic frame 3
Classic frame 4
Standard frame 6
Classic frame 6
Gallery Frame Collections
Gallery frame collections 2
Gallery frame collections 3

Gallery Frame Collections

Choose from a variety of frame groupings to create your own photowall. This is one of the most popular ways to show off multiple images. Choose from elegant Black, White, Silver, Mocha and Jarrah mouldings.

Deluxe Dune frame

By far the most fashionable frame in the Fitzie collection this frame will surely turn heads! Available in White, Sand, Mocha, Charcoal, Black and Brown. This frame is 40mm wide x 22mm deep.

Deluxe Dune Frame
Dune frames 2
Dune frames 3
Dune frames 4
Dune frames 5
Classic Box Frame

Gallerie Frames

Give your frame dimension with this beautiful box frame option. Available in White, Beech, Black and Distressed White. This frame is 20mm wide x 37mm deep.

Fine Art Float Frames

Elevate your images to the next level with these sophisticated frames. Showcase your Fine art prints with delicately torn edges, suspended in a contemporary Box Frame. Choose your frame colour (Black, White or Natural Oak) and glazing preference (Standard glass, Glazing acrylic or super clear UV70 Glass). Available in the most popular photographic enlargements and document sizes. Order Now

Deluxe Dune Frame

In-Store Custom Frames

Our in-store custom framing service gives you the widest variety of choices with every possible moulding, mattboard and glass combination. Our knowledgeable staff are here to help you pick the best options for your images. Custom framing allows you the freedom of choosing exactly what you want. Here is a section of our most popular frames, with many more to choose from in store.

Deluxe Box Frame

Deluxe Box Frame

The deluxe box frame is slightly wider than our standard box frame giving added impact. Available in White, Beech, Black and Mocha. This frame is 27mm wide x 44mm deep.

Deluxe frame

For the ultimate in refinement this smooth frame is for the discerning art lover. Available in White, Black, Silver, and Mocha. This frame is 36mm wide x 21mm deep.

Deluxe Frame
Deluxe Cottage Frame

Deluxe Cottage frame

Beautiful frame to fit in a cottage theme or a rustic style. Available in White, Charcoal, Sand, Satin, Walnut. This frame is 59mm wide x 18mm deep.

Deluxe ornate frame

Perfect for an amazing vintage collection or fantastic art piece! Available in White, Silver, Light Gold, Gold and Black with a choice of wide or narrow. The wide frame is 53mm wide x 20mm deep. The narrow frame is 23mm wide x 25mm deep.

Deluxe Ornate Frame
Deluxe Portofino Frame

Deluxe portofino frame

Beautiful detailing this frame collection oozes class! Available in White, Gold and Black. This frame is 45mm wide x 24mm deep; or the narrow version is 24mm wide x 24mm deep.

Cool and contemporary this sleek modern frame offers sophistication at the highest level. Available in White, Silver, Graphite, Walnut and Black. This frame is 10mm wide x 32mm deep.

Aluminium Frame

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