File Preparation

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How to prepare your files for print

Please supply files for printing as follows:

  1. 8 Bit RGB files not CMYK.

  2. .tif or .jpeg (minimum compression level 8).
    (.jpeg for online orders only)

  3. No layers or additional channels (eg. alpha channels).

  4. 250 - 300 ppi sized at the correct dimensions for the print required.

  5. Embedded working colour space (eg. Adobe RGB or sRGB).

  6. File names less than 10 characters long.

  7. Avoid using "&*,(??<> characters etc.

Please prepare multiple files for printing as follows:

Arrange files in folders according to print output sizes, quantity, borders, surface etc.

Main Folder:

  • your name

Sub Folders:

  • size of prints required

  • quantity if more than one

  • specify cm or inches

  • specify borders if required

  • printing surface required eg. metallic, gloss etc