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Laminating & Mounting

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Laminating & Mounting

Fitzgerald Photo has the most comprehensive range of photo finishing services in Perth.

Preserving and Protecting your images is vitally important. Airborne pollutants and UV rays can quickly degrade photographs. If you’re not displaying your images behind Glass or Acrylic, then one of our Laminates is the answer. It is generally accepted that UV laminates can double the life of images otherwise unprotected.


How an image is mounted can make all the difference to it’s appearance. Fitzgerald Photo Imaging only uses the best materials and the most advanced techniques in their mount processes.


All mounting and laminating processes are undertaken in house.


We only use the best laminates available, all with UV inhibitors designed o protect against fading. Once Laminated, you prints can be wiped clean of grease, moisture, dirt and other airborne particles. We offer a choice of 5 types of laminate.


Sandtex has a scratch resistant and highly textured appearance – just like fine particles of sand. It is ideally suited to floor graphics and pull-up banners. It is also suitable for use where reflections from spotlights would otherwise detract from the image’s overall appearance, and also high traffic areas prone to touching and scuffing.

Textured Matte is similar to Sandtex but with a slightly less textured appearance and similar to Lustre photographic prints.

Satin has a smooth, non-gloss finish perfect for minimising glare from overhead lighting.

Gloss lamination is ideal for highly detailed or colourful imagery which may, or may not be, viewed behind glass. It is also suitable aerial photographic and satellite imagery applications where white board markers may be used as it can be wiped clean.

Ultra Gloss lamination is the highest gloss finish available, designed to give maximum impact to photographic images. It is perfectly suited to images mounted onto aluminium.



Mounting options

Foamcore is a lightweight foam board available in 5mm thickness and suitable for mounting images up to A3 size.

Kapa Board is a lightweight polyurethane foam board with a high resistance to bending and pressure. It is available in 10mm and 20mm thicknesses to a maximum dimension of 150x300cm. Given that Kapa mounts are so lightweight, they are well suited to exhibitions, tradeshows and retail displays where portability and simplicity of hanging is important.

Visit our
Graphic Design and B2B Display Printing services for more information on how we can help you develop these products.

Aluminium Composite Panels are a sophisticated way of displaying photographic imagery. With the smoothest surface available they work well with display, fine art and exhibition prints. Each panel is supplied with a hidden hanging system to give the impression the image is floating off the wall.


Fitzies top 5 tips:

Here at Fitzgerald’s we only use the best UV Laminates. Cheap laminates will turn yellow over time.

Sandtex laminate is your best option if you want scratch protection and a non-slip surface.

Not a fan of glossy prints? Try Metallic paper with a Textured Matte laminate.

Kapa Mounts come with either a Black or White edging. The choice is yours.

Presentation is everything. If you’re unsure how best to present your images then just ask us. We have the experience to recommend the best options.



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