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Digital Wall Coverings

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Digital Wall Coverings

Put your favourite photos on the wall - literally - with our two great digital wall covering options! Choose between our great HP Wallpaper or our amazing versatile Photo Tex. Each one gives you creative freedom so let your imagination run wild!

HP wallpaper

Here's the best part, it's easy to get on and get off. A great alternative to pvc, the hp wallpaper is devoid of a chemical scent. Designed together with hp latex printers and water-based hp latex inks, customised wall coverings gain new possibilities inside even the most odour-sensitive environments. The wallpaper comes pre-pasted so all you need is a bucket of water and your best shots.


Ideal for the nursery, doctor's rooms, and day care centres due to a lack of smell, it's also perfect for creative spaces like hair salons, photographic studios or cafes. You can now produce eyecatching customised wallpapers using your own images. Anywhere you want to put a stamp of individuality, customised wallpaper from fitzgerald photo imaging fits the bill.


Phototex "sticky pics"

What is phototex? Great question! Phototex is a peel and stick polyester fabric, adhesive material that can be installed on virtually any flat surface (indoor & out) in any weather condition and then removed and reused many times over. So you can really let your imagination run wild!




Here are just a few amazing things about phototex ... It has no sticky residue, you can use it in all weather conditions, it won’t shrink or curl, you can illuminate it with a backlight, it wraps around wall corners, you can stick it to ceilings or poles, you can use it over and over again and at the end of the day, the sky is the limit with this futuristic product!


For more exciting application ideas check out


Fitzies top 5 tips:

Typography is the new black!

Our wallpaper is pvc free, perfect for kids bedrooms & nurserys

Phototex can be re-used. So you can change your mind as much as you want!

Wallpaper is super easy to install, just add water

Both sticky pics & wallpaper are perfect for your living room as a feature wall


Digital Wall Coverings

Digital Wall Coverings

Digital Wall Coverings

You can now produce eye catching customised wallpapers using your own images – whether you shoot with a phone, compact camera or high end DSLR. Anywhere you want to put a stamp of individuality, customised wallpaper from Fitzgerald Photo fits the bill.


Great way to decorate your home or office.

Easy to use and set up!

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Phototex "Sticky Pics"

Phototex "Sticky Pics"

Phototex is the number one selling wall graphic with its unique removable and repositionable qualities. Phototex is the ideal product for DIY wall decorations. It is hands down the easiest product to install on your wall!


Great way to decorate your home or office.

Easy to use and set up!




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