B&W Carbon Edition Prints

The new benchmark in black and white printing. Seriously.

Carbon Edition Prints eliminate the compromises made by using colour inks to produce black and white prints. Six unique shades of grey ink combine to produce the richest, most immersive black and white prints we've ever seen. Tonal latitude exceeds that of traditional darkroom prints, with thousands of shades of grey now printable. Sharpness surpasses that of colour digital printers, with no traces of dots visible, even under a loupe. Carbon Edition Prints have an intangible quality that goes beyond the numbers and the technology. Try and see for yourself.

Yes, this is a big call, but we spent 12 months testing the Piezography inks and printing technique and we are REALLY impressed.

Advantages of Carbon Edition Prints:

  • Only intermediate shades of grey ink used
  • Blackest blacks available
  • Superior shadow detail
  • Carbon ink longevity
  • 3x the resolution of traditional digital prints

Discover the world of Black and White

Wedding photos


The stakes can be incredibly high working under the many unexpected lighting conditions that can occur over the day of a wedding. Ensure your prints retain all your hard work by getting the finest detail from the most intricate white lace dress, whilst retaining all the detail in a grooms dark suit.

Pick up the detail from the shadows of a higher iso shot like the first dance to deliver the highest quality prints to showcase your professional standard.

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The tonal range found in a monochrome landscape offers differences in luminosity rather than in differences in colour, creating powerful traits of form and composition. Ensure ultimate detail is found in every leaf and in every highlight to create prints that reflect your technical craft.

Create timeless Ansel Adamesque prints that compliment form and tone and showcase intricate detail. Whether it be crisp dark silhouettes of a landscape or the soft delicate morning light, create sublime imagery showcasing your skill in your timeless black and whites.

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Landscape Photos
nature photos


Wildlife in black and white can be striking. Knowing you can pick up every intricate detail that nature provides and replicate these intricacies in your print provides a new level of superiority.

From the rough organic textures found in nature to the subtle fine details like strands of fur or feathers. Be confident that your print contains it all and is as accurate to real life as possible maintaining the beautiful tones and textures of your image.

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Create prints that compliment the strong lines, form and texture in materials found in architecture.

Pick up the subtle reflections from glass, the textures of wood or the smoothness of concrete and delve deeper into detail to give your bold images the accuracy they deserve.

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Architectural Photos


Each person is different. They have a different skin tone, skin texture and physical attributes than the next. There is something special about shooting portraits in black and white that contains a sense of emotion and nostalgia.

You may shoot with full control over your lighting or work with natural light. Either way ensure every line you capture, every fine hair and every subtle difference contains the accuracy of detail bringing a new sense of reality to your print.

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We’ve tried to make the selection process as simple as possible so we’ve selected the best papers for your images based on tone and texture.

Smooth Neutral

Canson Infinity Rag Photographique: An exceptionally smooth matte paper. 100% cotton, neutral white with no optical brighteners for ultimate longevity.

According to Canson “the exceptional white tone is achieved during manufacturing by introducing natural minerals to the process.” One of our favourites.

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smooth neutral
textured neutral

Textured  Neutral

Ilford Textured Cotton Rag: Part of the Ilford Galerie Prestige family, it has a slightly textured matte finish. Neutral white with no optical brighteners, 100% cotton.

This is a versatile paper that suits all types of black and white images. Carbon Edition prints on Textured Cotton Rag continues a rich history of Ilford and black and white photography.

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Smooth Warm

Canson Infinity Printmaking Rag: A soft textured matte paper with a slight warm tone, it contains no optical brighteners.

This 100% cotton paper is manufactured on a traditional cylinder mould machine. Formerly known as BFK Rives this premium paper is the evolution of five centuries of paper making.

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smooth warm
textured warm

Textured  Warm

Hahnemühle German Etching: A velvety textured matte paper with a slight warmth. It is mould made and has a coarser texture than the Canson Printmaking Rag.

German Etching has a luxurious feel and has the highest Dmax of our Carbon Edition papers. A very popular paper.

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Japanese Textured Warm

Ilford Washi Torinoko: a delicate Japanese paper made using a traditional Japanese Tanmo machine, it has the look and feel of hand made Japanese paper.

The name Washi comes from “wa” meaning Japanese and “shi” meaning paper. This is a warm, finely textured matte paper with no optical brighteners. Carbon Edition Prints are warmer on this paper.

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