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Do you work with amateur photographers?  

Yes, of course! We can help anyone regardless of experience. You don't even need a camera. You can bring in images from your phone.


Can you process medium format film? 

Yes we can. We work with any kind of film from any kind of equipment.


Do you work with digital or film? 

We work with images captured on any format. We're a photo processing company and a digital bureau.


Do you develop black and white film? 

Yes. We develop all film, black & white and colour.


I've got old family photos in need of restoration. Can you help me? 

Yes. Photo restoration is one of our many services and something we really enjoy doing. Bring them in to our lab and we'll discuss how we can renew your photographs.


I've got a disk full of photos from my wedding but am disappointed with them. Is there anything I can do?

Absolutely! You probably received the raw images. One of our specialities is enhancing photographs before printing. You'll be amazed at how great your photos look once they've had some attention.


I'm about to have my first photo exhibition. How can you help me?

We have a complete exhibition printing service. We can also help you find an exhibition gallery and give you advice on how best to print and hang your images. Come in and talk to us; we're old pros when it comes to exhibitions.


I've got a Holga camera and frequently have trouble getting the film out. What should I do? 

Bring the whole camera in to us. We specialise in Holga and Lomo along with Hasselblad and any other type of camera you might have. We safely extract the film for you and even give you a few tips on how to manage it better the next time.


Can you deliver my order to my house?

Yes. We can also pick things up for you and you can upload images through our website. Our Web Courier service is very popular for people that don't get into Perth every day.


I was married last year and the photographer provided all the images on disk. Can you help me put together a photo album?  

We help brides put together photo albums all the time. We help you select the images and advise you on how to print them. We can also help you produce a customised photo book to commemorate your wedding.


Can you recommend a place to get my photos framed?

Yes! We provide complete framing and matting services offering a wide range of products. We're updating our offering all the time so you can be assured you're getting the latest trends and features.


Can you recommend a place where I can get banners made for my next conference?

We print banners as part of our B2B Marketing Products service. We can also provide graphic design services to make sure your business collateral has a professional look.


Is it possible to print my photos on something other than paper? 

Yes, we have a wide range of printing surfaces and finishes to create whatever effect you would like with your photos. We can print them on fine art canvases or even make wallpaper out of them. Your possibilities are limitless.


I'm want something different for my new house, can you help?

Of course we can. Come in and see us; we'd love to help you. We're continually getting new products in and researching the latest trends in processing and printing. If you want something new and exciting, we can make sure you get it.


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